Volvo Vehicles Now Sharing Real-time Traffic Information

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May 8, 2018—Starting in Norway and Sweden, Volvo vehicles recently began to be equipped to share traffic information through Volvo’s Connected Cloud.

According to, the technology works like this: if, for example, a vehicle encounters a road hazard, that vehicle will then upload that information to the Volvo Connected Cloud where it will disseminate the information to other Volvos.

Volvo launched its Connected Cloud in 2016; currently, the service is only available in Norway and Sweden, where Volvos make up a significant amount of the populous’ vehicles.

Vehicle to vehicle communication is among a growing market to improve data presentation to drivers and, in the future, autonomous vehicles. As a result, the article suggested there’s a chance Volvo could open source its Connected Cloud platform and lure other OEMs aboard.

To read more about Volvo’s connected car technology, click here.

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