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The Expert:

Chris Casey, a category manager, has worked in the automotive industry for over 40 years. Casey worked for Associated Equipment, Lincoln, and NAPA Balkamp, and has been in the tool business for his entire career. Casey oversees portable power, welding, abrasives and PBE for the K Tool International brand.


The Product:

KTI Jump Starter/Power Supplies are safe, efficient, and adaptive to the wave of change rippling through the automotive industry. Using lithium battery technology, the KTI Jump Starters are available in sizes compatible with vehicles ranging from diesel trucks to passenger cars with self-starting technology.

Casey believes the durability and hand-held size of this product make it an efficient match for consumers and shop owners.

“Our largest unit is a 40% increase over our previous model and still weighs less than 3 pounds,” Casey said. “This new version is the top of the line; it’s more powerful.”


How It Works:

The KTI Jump Starters weigh around 2-3 pounds and can be comfortably stored in a glove compartment, Casey says.

“The jump starters are much more convenient than the traditional jump starters that have been on the market,” Casey said.

There is a total of three separate KTI Jump Starters, all varying in size of power:



Jump Starter/Power Supply 12,000 mAh (part no. KTI74391)

  • 12,000 mAh provides 250 amps cranking power and 500 peak amps
  • Intelligent cables feature built-in short-out protection
  • Digital readout for more precise functionality
  • Able to jump start cars, SUVs, light and medium-duty trucks
  • Two USB charging ports, in addition to 19V, 16V, and 12V outputs
  • Covered by a one-year warranty



Jump Starter/Power Supply 15,500 mAh (part no. KTI74392)

  • 15,500 mAh provides 400 cold-cranking amps and 800 peak amps
  • Intelligent cables feature built-in short-out protection
  • Able to jump start a wide range of both gas and diesel vehicles
  • Two USB charging ports, and LCD digital readout for more precise functionality
  • 19V, 16V, & 12V outputs
  • Covered by a one-year warranty



Industrial Power Bank & Jump Starter Kit 30,000 mAh (part no. KTI74394)

  • 30,000 mAh provides 800 amps cranking power and 1800 peak amps
  • Intelligent cables feature built-in overcharge and reverse polarity protection
  • Jump starts the widest variety of vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, buses, tractors, and more
  • Includes eight computer recharging tips and a 3-in-1 pigtail phone charging cord
  • Two USB charging ports, as well as 19V, 16V, & 12V outputs and an OBD-II memory saver cable
  • Covered by a one-year warranty

The KTI Jump Starters feature tools that ensure safety, as well as versatility. A carrying case is made accessible for users, and the machine itself doubles as an overall charging port for devices with a USB cord. During usage, users can also charge their cell phone or laptop with one of the nine adaptive tips that come with the product

Although the kits were always capable of charging, the light weight makes it more user-friendly.

In addition to acting as a charging port for USB devices, a flashlight is built into the product, too. For those working underneath a vehicle, the device acts as a light source and provides additional illumination for a clear, safe workspace. The light also has an emergency flash mode to alert other drivers of potential problems.

Using the provided wall charger the KTI units easily recharge in 4-6 hours.


The ROI:

With the ability to jump start around 6–12 cars per single battery charge, the total amount of its career extends to an estimated 1,000 recharge cycles, or around 10,000 jump starts to a car. It caters to many—cars, SUVs, tractors, buses.

The accessibility of using the lightweight unit as well as the additional accessories make for an ideal purchase, Casey says.

“They are the safest product on the market for this application of jump-starting cars,” Casey said. “All of my vehicles have one in it; I was amazed and impressed with how powerful these little things are.”

The device is easy to use around the shop and is just as powerful as those heftier in size and weight. For storing purposes, it’s easy to put away without taking up too much space in the shop or vehicle.

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