OTC Announces Bravo 3.1.1 Diagnostics Software Update

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June 1, 2018—OTC has announced the release of Bravo Evolve and Encore diagnostic software, the latest major update to its diagnostic tools. The updates include new features and expanded diagnostic capabilities and increased vehicle coverage.

One key enhancement for the Encore includes an updated browser with Firefox for improved performance. The download and installation of the program will occur in the background, without any interruption to the scanning functions.

For the Evolve, the DTC Scan and Automated System Test reports will now allow users to add images to their report. This works on multiple controller reads only.

For both the Encore and Evolve the update also includes improved sharing functionality that allows sharing data through Bluetooth, email, SD card and USB. Clear spacing for separation of the controllers that have DTCS on user saved reports has also been included, in addition to improved sorting capabilities for reports and recorded data streams.

Major coverage updates and improvements in each software version include:

·         New coverage for 2017MY Ford vehicles and systems

·         New coverage for 2017-2018MY Mazda and Mitsubishi vehicles and systems

·         New OBDII Mode 6 additions – OEM defined parameters for Mitsubishi

·         Updated diagnostic information for the following:

o   Locations (DLC, Fuse panel, ECU) for 2016MY Chrysler/Jeep and 2017MY GM

o   Data Item Circuit Description for 2015-2016MY Honda

o   Data Item Operating Ranges for 2014-2016MY Honda

o   Oil Light Reset Procedure

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