Analysis: How AI Could Alter the Auto Industry

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June 5, 2018—With the recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) in the automotive industry, every stakeholder in the industry is looking to capitalize on AI implementations in next-gen vehicles. And, according to a recent article by CIO Review, the following trends in the AI industry prove that the technology is likely to revamp the entire automotive industry (in addition to the obvious trends such as assisted driving):

  • Smart assessment of insurance risks: by using deep learning and AI technology, developers are devising cloud-operated platforms that can track unsafe driving habits, or driver alertness.
  • Cloud computing empowering AI automotive: Cloud computing has greatly aided AI technology, offering capabilities for big data access, data analytics, fast processing speed, and centralized connectivity.
  • Improved connectivity: Car manufacturers are seeking to better connect drivers and passengers with AI-operated systems that allow them to send and receive emails, surf the Internet and interact by using smartphone apps, and many vehicles now offer WiFi hotspots. And, as the CIO Review article noted, industry analysts estimate that roughly 250 million vehicles will be connected to the Internet by 2020.

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