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6 Quick Tips for Improving the Reach of Job Ads

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Fish, just like potential employees, will bite at different times, with different bait and for different reasons. According to Dan Taylor, a senior business advisor with Transformers Institute, you have to actively work at attracting employees, just like you have to work at attracting the right fish.

“Just when you think you’ve got the combination figured out with the right bait, timing and location, you find you’ve reeled in a minnow, or an extremely under-qualified candidate,” Taylor says.

Over time there is an ebb and flow of employees looking and employers hiring, and they’re rarely perfectly aligned.

Due to this, Taylor says, you should try different approaches to attracting employees. Here are some ideas:

  1. Mix up the verbiage in an ad
  2. Change the title of the job
  3. Post on Facebook and LinkedIn
  4. Run multiple ads with a different language
  5. Offer a signing bonus
  6. Step away for a week or two and try again

Most importantly Taylor says, you need to stay patient, and keep fishing.

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