99 Percent of US Population within 150 Miles of a Tesla Supercharger

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August 13, 2018—Tesla now has 10,836 Superchargers in operation at 1,339 stations around the world, according to Electrek.

The automaker has revealed a new map for the 2018-2019 expansion to support the growing fleet with the launch of the Model 3, according to the report.

Tesla says that now 99 percent of the U.S. population is within 150 miles of a Supercharger.

The supercharger network’s main goal is to enable long-distance travel for electric and hybrid vehicles between destinations and with all of Tesla’s vehicles having at least 200 miles of range on a single charge, it enables virtually every Tesla owner in the U.S. to get to a Supercharger, reported Electrek. The network has already been enabling cross-country travel for years now, but the latest expansions have enabled Tesla owners to travel virtually anywhere, most of them for free, with the exception of a few corridors that Tesla has yet to complete.

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