Fla. Technicians Save Customer Having Heart Attack

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Aug. 14, 2018—Swift actions by a group of employees at Love’s Tire and Service Center in Florida recently saved a man’s life.

Customer Ken Keebler had a heart attack just as he concluded a recent visit to Love’s, located in Valrico, Fla., after he stopped in to get a tire changed. Keebler was backing out when the heart attack struck.

First, a Love’s technician got a ball-peen hammer and broke one of the vehicle’s windows. Then, employees laid Keebler down and checked his pulse. As it turns out, Keebler had stopped breathing.

Eventually, employee Ty Sullivan, who’s in school to become an EMT, took over.

“[I knew we should] start CPR right away, establish a passageway, and hope the paramedics show up on time,” Sullivan told a local FOX TV affiliate.

In the end, Keebler, who had a massive heart attack, recovered rather quickly. In fact, not long after the incident, the customer bought food for the entire Love’s staff, as a show of appreciation.

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