Mudlick Mail Expands Product Offerings with New Digital Services

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August 24, 2018—Mudlick Marketing has launched a new line-up of digital services to help clients enhance and improve the results of their digital marketing campaigns. Ranging from mobile Geo-targeting to managed social media, these new product offerings will allow Mudlick clients to better target customers and promote their services on a variety of platforms.

“Our goal has always been to serve as a one-stop shop for the companies we serve. Since we’ve already established ourselves as an effective direct mail provider, expanding into digital channels is a logical next step,” said Mudlick Mail CEO Tim Ross. “We want to provide our clients with a wide array of tools to reach their customers and grow their businesses.”

Mudlick’s new offerings include:

  • Mobile Geo-targeting – Through this service, Mudlick clients can send targeted advertisements for their businesses to the mobile devices of potential customers within certain geographic areas.
  • Targeted Display Ads – The average American spends 24 hours a week online. With targeted display ads, Mudlick clients can place ads where their target customers are most likely to see them and direct them back to their websites for more information.
  • Ringless Voicemail Campaigns – To retain existing customers, advertisers can send voicemails to their customers’ land lines or mobile devices about new promotions, service reminders or special discounts without having the phone ring first.
  • Managed Social Media – Mudlick’s Managed Social Media service not only provides clients with engaging content, but also includes additional outreach through strategically-placed Facebook ads.
  • Reputation Management – Mudlick will help improve or restore a client’s brand by ensuring that all negative material is countered, weakened or eliminated. The service is designed to grow a positive image of the client’s store and build trust in the marketplace.

To encourage experimentation, Mudlick will allow clients to add the new services on an a la carte basis. They can also choose to employ the services some months and put them hold for others.  

Mudlick is close to completing an upgrade of its marketing platform that will help clients make informed buying decision based on response rates and predictive analytics. The platform illustrates key performance indicators and ties in call tracking information and market penetration reports. Clients can visually track and analyze the success of their direct mail campaigns through these tools. In addition, the platform will include a web-to-print portal, allowing clients to print direct mail postcards, business cards or store banners themselves.

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