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Analysis: AI & the Next Stage of Predictive Maintenance

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Sept. 4, 2018—With recent advancements in cognitive technological learning, the auto industry is set to enter a new stage of predictive maintenance, according to And that’s where artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics can likely allow manufacturers to gain full control of manufacturing processes, not only to prepare for known issues, but also to effectively predict and prevent the unknown.

AI-powered platforms utilize cognitive learning, which uses past failures to teach themselves. AI technology also allows machines to anticipate issues that have never yet occurred—which is valuable to OEMs, because many issues that cause vehicle recalls tend to be new ones.

By teaching themselves with data from sensors, cognitive applications are capable of learning traditional operating conditions and environmental influences on machines at a micro level. That means that small changes that might go undetected in the quality-check process can now be identified as they occur. And, because of that, breakdowns can, theoretically, be predicted ahead of time, before they cause a recall.

What’s more, during the initial manufacturing process, cognitive, predictive maintenance can identify and share alerts on in-line defects—which could allow for problems to be addressed long before products head to market.

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