KIA Releases Three TSBs for Diagnostic Issues

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September 6, 2018—KIA has released three technical service bulletins (TSBs) for issues that can occur with its CAN-equipped vehicles.

Below is the message from KIA and links to the TSBS:

Since 2011 KIA has been producing documents outlining issues that can occur with their CAN equipped vehicles when certain devices are introduced to the vehicle electrical system. KIA is not unique in this problem however there are some drivability problems that can be very frustrating for techs to diagnose. These can be remedied by identifying and removing these devices. You will find links to 3 different TSBs that identify the problem, the devices that cause it and solutions. For those of you who want the bottom line DLC Dongles are particularly troublesome and can cause diagnostic failures and drivability problems. Another source of issues are non-us navigation/infotainment devices that create noise in the U.S. TPMS frequency of 315 MHz where U.S. vehicles are not shielded. This can result in difficult to find TPMS warning indication.

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