McLaren F1 Designer Aims to Make Cars Significantly Lighter

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Sept. 17, 2018—Gordon Murray, along with his design company, recently announced an all-new iStream chassis that’s reportedly significantly lighter and more rigid than traditional models.

As noted in a report by, the iStream chassis is built from a lightweight aluminum frame as well as from durable carbon fiber composite panels. Gordon Murray Design also claims that the new chassis could revolutionize how cars of the future will be built.  

The iStream Superlight is constructed from high-strength, thin aluminum on a tubular platform. Additionally, honeycomb shaped, recycled carbon fiber chassis panels replace traditional stamped steel. Because of that, the iStream Superlight will be significantly more lightweight, while also being fairly rigid.

The new chassis is also designed to include improved corrosion resistance, reduced noise and vibration, and a simple crash structure.


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