NAFTA’s New Vehicle Market: Prospects To 2022

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September 28, 2018—A new report published by Automotive World ‘NAFTA’s new vehicle market: prospects to 2022‘ examines the market prospects for light vehicles (LVs) and heavy vehicles (HVs) in the NAFTA region in the period to 2022.

Discussions about the performance of NAFTA’s new vehicle market over the next few years inevitably involve discussions about potential changes in the structure of the region’s trading arrangements. President Trump’s plans to at least significantly amend the terms of the NAFTA deal have created uncertainty for all industrial sectors, not least the automotive industry. The recent agreement between the US and Mexico has removed some uncertainty, but negotiations with Canada continue.

“While NAFTA’s light vehicle demand looks to be settling around a high plateau for the next couple of years, medium and heavy commercial vehicle demand is set to scale new peaks,” notes the report’s author, Jonathan Storey. “Automotive World’s 2018 NAFTA report not only puts numbers on these industry trends through to 2022, but also identifies the brands most set to benefit, with Jeep and Tesla battling it out for the biggest gain in volume in between 2017 and 2022.”

Although the light vehicle market in the NAFTA region declined in 2017, following seven years of successive growth, the region’s medium and heavy commercial vehicle market grew by 2.6 percent. Longer term, the outlook for all sectors is good. This exclusive Automotive World report looks at the prospects for the light vehicle and heavy commercial vehicle sectors in the NAFTA region in 2018 and in the five years to 2022. Readers will learn why, if the economy performs as forecast, light vehicle demand could remain historically high; the report also discusses the ‘robustly positive’ strength of the region’s medium and heavy commercial vehicle market.

The NAFTA region is the latest region to be covered in the ongoing Automotive World five-year market outlook series.

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