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Photo by Korbin Bielski

SHOP: One Stop Auto Care  LOCATION: Los Angeles, Calif.  OWNER: Gerry Vicario

1)  With the shop sitting on a corner lot, Vicario says it gets more visibility to passersby, which makes its overall appearance that much more important. 

2) Six years ago, Vicario rebranded his business, overhauling its look, logo, and even its name. (It used to be called One Stop Tire.) “It was one of those things, where if you want more repair work, then start marketing yourself as a repair shop, not a tire shop,” he says. That’s when the shop created a new logo, which Vicario tries to keep prevalent throughout his shop and marketing material.

3) Part of that rebranding effort included the red-and-black color scheme. Vicario enlisted the help of a graphic designer to come up with both the logo and colors. Having it so visible on his shop helps for easy recognition with his customers. “It’s like how you see those golden arches and think of McDonald’s,” he says. “I want people to think that way when they see my logo or colors.”

4) The shop’s three main doors to the garage— two in the front, one on the side—take advantage of the corner lot’s versatility and allow One Stop Auto Care to make the most of its space.

5) When Vicario set out to revamp his shop’s look, he also upgraded the parking area and side of the building by taking out the grass (“It never really grew in well with how hot it is here,” he says) and replacing it with bushes and shrubs.

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