Kitten Freed From Customer's Dashboard by Wisconsin Shop

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October 12, 2018— Chet's Car Care, of Madison, WIS., freed a stray kitten from a customer's vehicle after the kitten crawled from the motor to the dashboard, WMTV reports. Shop owner, Eric Hermansen, told WMTV that,"in all the years he's worked at the family business he's seen quite a bit, but this call threw him for a loop."

Customer, Sean Goodroad, told WMTV he heard a strange noise coming from his vehicle and wasn't quite sure what it was.

"I started hearing meowing coming from somewhere... and as I drove I started hearing it from my hood," Goodroad said to WMTV.  "Not sure what I was going to find but the cat was sitting right there and he just looked up at me and started meowing."

Goodroad then put the eight-week-old kitten back in the car, where it became frightened and crawled underneath the dashboard. The kitten then got stuck, Goodroad says. 

After taking his vehicle to Chet's Car Car, it reportedly took the crew around six-and-a-half hours to finally set the kitten free. 

According to a Facebook post on Chet's Car Care's page, Goodroad later adopted the cat and named him, "Dash."

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