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Placing products in a car that are not only fit for the vehicle but also durable, adequate and reliable to the customer remains a top priority for technicians. From changing the oil to allowing a race car driver to win the race, MAHLE provides customers with filters that do the job right the first time.

For Dean Curtis, owner of Dean’s Autosport & Repairs in East Stroudsburg, Pa., it’s essential to not only put customers safely on the road but also to cater to their situations with the best possible products. Dean’s Autosport & Repairs has a customer base that commutes two hours to New York City and back each day, making their oil change visits a bi-weekly occurrence at the shop.

According to Curtis, the shop has put their trust in MAHLE for over 20 years as they’ve never been let down.

“We believe the MAHLE filter is the best filter available for cars,” Curtis says.

In addition to placing MAHLE filters in vehicles at the shop, Curtis finds that MAHLE filters are efficient for racing vehicles as well. Serving as president of the Challenge Cup Series, Curtis spends six weekends per year at different race tracks racing vintage cars.

MAHLE oil filters maintain oil quality, are created with non-woven materials, and MAHLE filters consist of plastic fibers with thicknesses in the micron range, according to MAHLE. The finer the fibers, the better the separation.

While Curtis has used other filters in his shop, he explains how MAHLE oil filters stand out among others due to their endurance and their high-quality manufacturing.



Whether it’s driving down the highway or racing on a race track, the driver must know that vehicle parts are working proficiently. In Curtis’ early racing career, driving cars with engines built in 1964 posed potential problems with vehicle parts, all of which MAHLE filters were able to withstand.
“The [race] cars are very old and fragile,” Curtis says. “They’re not built to do what we do with them, so even a bad oil filter and reduced flow take horsepower away.”

Since using MAHLE filters, Curtis says those vintage racing cars on the track are stable, as the state of their vehicle holds up.

“We’ve had zero engine failures,” Curtis says.



Providing customers with high-quality parts is essential when caring for a vehicle. When it comes to quality, the MAHLE oil filters undergo a processing that prevents both decomposition and collapse of the filter under extreme conditions—allowing the filter to be the right fit for any occasion.

Although Curtis has used various filters at his shop, he’s witnessed those same filters crumble from being mismanufactured, Curtis says.

“We’ve had filters where the threads were mismanufactured and the quality just wasn’t there,” Curtis says. “I’ve seen oil filters fold and are compressed. I’ve never seen any of that with a MAHLE filter.”

Curtis’s shop works with various import cars and he says the filters are a perfect fit for those vehicles, as well as others on the market. According to him, he wouldn’t put just any filter on import vehicles.

“They are all using much higher quality oil and we use a higher quality oil filter that goes along with it,” Curtis says. “It’s driven by the imported oil.”

To best accommodate import vehicles, MAHLE offers the MAHLE OX345/7D filter that is easier to install and has a thicker, more efficient fleece media with the same filtration capacity as the competition, according to MAHLE. 

“Our customers have been absolutely pleased that we are taking care of their cars with the best parts available,” Curtis says.

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