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Dec. 31, 2018—To better assist shop owners with their production management, marketing tactics and leadership styles, Ratchet+Wrench has compiled a short list of essential business-building material from some of its favorite sources. 
Business is full of decisions. What products or services to offer, which people to hire, which clients to serve, and what geographies to focus on are all important questions. A successful business needs to make these decisions efficiently and effectively.
How Executives Can Build a Side Career in TeachingHarvard Business Review.
Many executives—seeking an intellectual challenge and looking to give back—are intrigued by the idea of teaching. For nearly a decade, the writer of this article has taught executive education at business schools around the world.
Whether you’re aiming for inbox zero or just hoping to get a reasonable handle on your email, the right set of rules can go a long way in reshaping your habits and reframing email’s role in your life. Commit to these steps for 2019, and you can say “so long” to the days of the unmanageable inbox.

10 Toxic People You Should AvoidSUCCESS.
As important as it is to learn how to deal with different kinds of people, truly toxic people will never be worth your time and energy. Toxic people create unnecessary complexity, strife and, worst of all, stress.

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This Week in Business Strategies

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