Watergen Creates Automotive Product

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Jan. 15, 2019—Watergen, a company that uses humidity in the air to create drinking water, rolled out their latest innovation, a prototype that generates three liters of clean water per hour inside a vehicle. The technology is available in any vehicle, where clean drinking water is made possible by Watergen's atmospheric water generation technology, according to a press release.

"Watergen is the first company to integrate an atmospheric water generator in a vehicle," Esther Litchfield, public relations for Watergen said. "At Watergen, we believe that every human being deserves the right to have access to clean water. Watergen is currently providing practical applications in disaster relief, humanitarian aid, commercial and personal use in four continents. Water generated inside a vehicle enables access to clean water to anyone, anywhere."

The product also provides additional benefits for vehicles, Litchfield said.

This technology will change the autonomous automobile industry, by increasing the mileage between charges and improving control of the climate in the vehicle," Litchfield said. "The water generator cools the air as it removes toxins and humidity, causing the car to run more efficiently. Water can also be used to clean car sensors and car parts."

Most units are considered "plug-and-play," Litchfield says, where the only requirement for installation is having electricity. The product is installed by members of the Watergen team. 

"Since its foundation in 2009, Watergen has gathered together a growing multidisciplinary and award-winning team of experts—many of them with decades of experience in water, environmental, engineering and healthcare," Litchfield said. 

According to Litchfield, the technology generates clean drinking water inside the vehicle during a four phase process: 

  1. Air Intake: Air from outside the car is drawn into Watergen’s atmospheric water generator, where it is thoroughly cleaned, removing any dust, dirt, and other pollutants leaving only pure air in the system.

  2. Water Generation: The clean air is then directed through the GENius heat exchange and cooling process, bringing it to the temperature at which condensation occurs, creating water.

  3. Purification: The water is channeled through a multi-stage filtering system removing impurities and adding minerals giving the water a fresh and healthy taste.

Fresh Storage and Dispense: When the water reaches its premium state, it’s stored in a built-in reservoir where it is kept fresh through continuous circulation. The water is dispensed directly from a built-in dispenser in the front console.

While the product will cut back on the cost and effect of purchasing plastic water bottles, it also provides additional benefits for others.

"Pickup trucks and construction workers can utilize the readily generated water to also clean equipment, wash shoes and clothes when off road or outdoors," Litchfield said.

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