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When was the last time your customers really assessed their headlights?

For many, the answer is “never.”

Headlights are one of the most important safety aspects of operating a motor vehicle, yet they barely merit a second thought from most drivers. If they’re on, they’re working, right?

Taking an apathetic view to a vehicle can only lead to one place: the repair shop. In the case of headlights, however, the destination for the driver, passengers, or pedestrians and other commuters could be much more dire—are your clients’ lamps lighting the night as they should?

Recent studies published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that vehicle lighting is critical, because while only 25 percent of driving occurs in the dark, 50 percent of crashes occur during those hours.

Many factors influence safe driving, but proper lighting is a critical factor to safely operate a vehicle on today’s congested roads. So, ask yourself: Are my headlights bright enough? Are my customers safe enough? And what are we missing beyond the glare of the windshield?


Bright, Brighter, Brightest: NAPA Debuts New Headlamps

Consumers often think about nighttime visibility as only how far one can see. But when it comes to safety, how much we can see around the road can be just as important as how far we can see down the road. Fortunately, NAPA NIGHTVISION™ Brilliant Headlamp Capsules provide increased depth perception for better down-road and side-road visibility, meaning your customers will be able to see near, far and wide—and get to where they’re going as safely as possible.

Two factors combine for the clearest picture of the road ahead: brightness and whiteness.

Brightness refers to the intensity or magnitude of the beams; the brighter the bulb, the better visibility in all directions around the path of the beams.

Whiteness refers to a better contrast of elements on the road. A whiter light allows for a clearer, more defined view of the road while driving (including peripheral vision). A whiter light also gives more of a premium headlamp look akin to white or blue LEDs.

Not all lamps are created equal, however. NAPA offers three options in its NIGHTVISION™ line for the most value depending on your driving needs: Brilliant, Vivid, and Clear.


The NAPA NIGHTVISION™ Brilliant lamps are the cream of the crop. Brilliant in its mechanical superiority to OEM (and equally brilliant in lumens), these bulbs provide the whitest and brightest performance and come equipped with a proprietary optical coating on each lamp to help produce the purest, most darkness-cutting light imaginable. NIGHTVISION™ Brilliant lamps also come with an industry-leading three-year warranty, offering the greatest peace-of-mind for drivers everywhere.

Next, the NAPA NIGHTVISION™ Vivid lamps signify a massive step beyond traditional OEM headlight options. An evenly distributed light pattern provides augmented road visibility, and the same proprietary coating that appears on the Brilliant lamps can be found on the Vivid bulbs as well, producing more light output than a standard halogen bulb. Vivid bulbs come with a two-year warranty.

Finally, the NIGHTVISION™ Clear bulb is also available to light the path. Featuring a one-year warranty, the Clear lamps feature high-performance tungsten filaments to produce brighter light than OEM counterparts, immersing the road in more light than most stock vehicles after they roll off the assembly line. The NIGHTVISION™ Clear bulb features a one-year warranty.

Because headlamps don’t last forever, the next opportunity to increase your customers’ safety (as well as the well being of their passengers and fellow commuters) may be as simple as increasing the brightness of the bulbs. Once one bulb fails, the other isn’t far behind—bulbs deteriorate as they age. Replacing both at the same time offers the most efficient (and brightest) performance and visibility of the road.

Next time you flick your headlights on, ask yourself one more time: “Is my safety open for compromise?”

Brilliant, Vivid, and Clear—no matter which you choose, you won’t be wrong.

And the night may seem just a little brighter.


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