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Mobile Apps Are the Future of Auto Repair

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For decades, auto repair shops have used paper-based vehicle inspection forms, which can be easily misinterpreted, are difficult to share and don’t often tell the whole story about a vehicle’s maintenance issues. Today, however, there are a host of easy-to-use digital tools available to help eliminate those challenges.

New mobile apps for repair shop owners are not only cost-effective, they also help to provide auto service and repair shops with business growth opportunities. A sophisticated yet simple mobile application can provide repair shops with access to detailed vehicle insights and can even be used to predict maintenance issues that may arise in the future.

As an example, Driveroo Inspector offers vehicle inspection reports in a more accessible, easy-to-read format that includes images of parts and repair areas. The Driveroo Inspector app offers a simple series of images and multiple choice questions to help walk technicians through the inspection process. By quickly capturing information about the condition of a vehicle and identifying potential issues, Driveroo Inspector saves time and enables auto repair shops to facilitate better communications with customers.

Offering technicians with detailed information at their fingertips for any vehicle on the road, Driveroo Inspector provides the insights needed to perform a thorough job on maintenance and repair and to predict future maintenance issues. The application’s visual interface also provides a higher level of transparency, which helps to build a stronger, more trusted relationship with the customer.

According to a survey from AAA, two out of three US drivers do not trust auto repair shops because of overcharges, recommendations for unnecessary service, and poor past experience. When customers are able to see the photographic images of the repair area(s) and the preventative maintenance insights, it increases confidence and trust in the shop’s service and repair recommendations. Auto service and repair shops that employ digital tools are able to service more vehicles, increase the average repair order, and even establish a better relationship with their customers, thereby driving increased revenues.

Here’s what auto service and repair shop owners and managers are saying about Driveroo Inspector:

“At San Francisco Auto Repair Center, Driveroo Inspector is saving me time, saving my techs time, giving me better communication with my customers, and it is helping me sell jobs every day,” said San Francisco Auto Repair Center Owner Gary Siegel.

John Poulet, Service Manager of Menlo Park Chevron, mentioned, “Converting from paper vehicle inspections to digital with Driveroo has definitely helped our bottom line. It’s a great tool.”

“We really like using this app and our customer feedback has been amazing!” said Sarah Zwyghuizen, Service Administrator at Jamestown Automotive in Hudsonville, MI.

The infrastructure for digitizing the service and repair industry has lagged behind other aspects of the automotive industry. Driveroo is dedicated to bringing it up to speed by making it easier and more transparent. Driveroo Inspector helps service technicians to run their businesses more efficiently by evaluating the condition of a vehicle, and providing trustworthy repair and maintenance recommendations.

Repair shops can try the Driveroo Inspector application for free by visiting



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