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Duralast Delivers Proven Tough Performance and OE Quality

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Semi-metallic or metallic brake pads are composed of a mixture of steel, graphite, iron and copper for superior stopping power, but they are naturally more noisy. Ceramic brake pads are substantially more quiet and produce less brake dust.

No matter the style, Duralast Gold brake pads are designed with longevity in mind. They undergo rigorous “torture tests” long before they’re approved, packed and distributed. Testing the friction block is crucial to delivering a quality brake pad.

“We test them for all conditions,” says Daniel Sanders, Continuous Improvement Manager for AutoZone, “and quality control is key; if the friction block fails our noise, stopping distance, wear, or stress tests, they never enter production.”



Aiding in noise reduction, performance improvements, and increased surface area, the slots and chamfers on Duralast Gold brake pads are designed to match the OEM pads.



Many OE brake pads use only one- or two-layer shims. Every Duralast Gold brake pad uses a three-layer shim and are tested to ensure that they better dampen vibration and eliminate brake noise.



Similar to the pad itself, backing plates endure the long-term, repetitive application of physical force. Duralast Gold backing plates are engineered to withstand this stress and prevent shearing from the friction block. They undergo rigorous extreme speed and simulated weather conditions to ensure that they function like new on the road. Duralast Gold backing plates are also powder coated like the OE to prevent rust and corrosion.



Every Duralast Gold brake pad is a one-stop shop for total brake pad repair—hardware included. If the pads fit more than one application, all applicable hardware configurations are included in the box. 



Duralast is one of the top national brands of automotive aftermarket parts, trusted by hundreds of thousands of professionals and installed on millions of vehicles on the road today. More than 8 out of 10 professional installers give Duralast top ratings for quality. They are engineered and made by OE-, Tier 1 or category-leading manufacturers, and every Duralast component is built to meet or exceed OE fit, form and function.

That’s what sets us apart,” says Sanders, “it’s the testing—those are the high standards we set for ourselves.” 

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