Survey Reveals Customers Skeptic of AVs

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March 21, 2019—According to AAA's automated vehicle survey, 71 percent of Americans are unsure of how trustworthy autonomous vehicles are, Consumer Affairs reports.

“Those who are skeptical that fully self-driving cars will arrive that soon cited reasons such as lack of trust, not wanting to give up driving, the technology won’t be ready, and that road conditions will not be good enough to support the technology,” AAA said in a statement to Consumer Affairs.

The study reveals that 44 percent are comfortable if autonomous vehicles were used for deliveries of food and packages, and 53 percent are more comfortable imagining being inside self-driving vehicles in low-speed conditions. 

AAA says autonomous vehicles are likely to increase in upcoming years.

“The more drivers understand both the benefits and limitations of the technology that is currently available, AAA believes the more prepared and receptive they will be for the experience of riding in a fully automated vehicle when the time comes,” the organization said to Consumer Affairs. “AAA believes the key to helping consumers feel more comfortable with fully self-driving vehicles will be bridging the gap between the perception of automated vehicle technology and the reality of how it actually works in today’s cars.”

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