Infographic Released to Educate Drivers

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March 25, 2019—PartCatalog, a Texas-based car parts and accessories provider, released the infographic, Parts of the Car and Its Accessories, to educate drivers and commuters about the fundamental components of every vehicle and their purpose. An average car is composed of 300,000 parts, and each of these parts play a vital role in the operation of a car.

Only a small portion of the parts and accessories is visible and workable to car owners. These parts can be found both in the exterior and interior of every vehicle and are listed down in the infographic.

Some of these components, like the tires, radiator, and clutch, are integral to make a vehicle run, while others, like the side-view mirrors, taillights, and windshield wipers, help the driver stay safe and alert on the road.

The infographic lists down these essential parts and shares important and interesting facts about them. It talks about the origins of certain components and reveals intriguing tidbits about them, like how side-view mirrors were considered as luxury items before the 1960's or how police officers leave their fingerprints on taillights as a fail-safe measure after an incident.



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