AirPro Planning Launch of New ADAS Product

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April 17, 2019—AirPro Diagnostics on Wednesday announced that it has filed for patent protection for a new product which brings Cognitive Augmented Reality to present digitized calibration targets to vehicles requiring ADAS calibrations. 

Nicknamed "Project Auggie," CAR Targets was designed to reduce the expense to repair facilities and consumers in need of ADAS calibrations. 

The vehicle's forward-facing camera would ideally see the targets presented by the CAR Targets device, which is mounted directly on the vehicle windshield. Additionally, the technology would augment the conditions and vehicle position to duplicate requirements of vehicle manufacturers. 

The advanced capabilities of the technology would allow for calibrations to be performed anywhere, on any surface, and eliminate expensive target sets and other tools, which could result in considerable time and financial savings. 

AirPro's CAR Targets is being developed in conjunction with computer science engineers at universities like the University of Arizona, Texas Tech, and others. 

AirPro has a working model of CAR Targets and is now performing extensive testing, with plans for a launch in the fourth quarter of 2019. 

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