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NAPA TRACS ENTERPRISE—This Changes Everything

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The year 1989 is remembered for several monumental events:

The Berlin Wall came down. The Fine Young Cannibals released “She Drives Me Crazy.” And NAPA debuted the original NAPA TRACS® shop management system.

It’s a different world now than it was then, and NAPA has rolled out TRACS® Enterprise, its powerful,  next-gen shop management software solution that’s packed with new features to keep NAPA installer customers up with the times.

NAPA TRACS® Enterprise has once again been reimagined for today’s modern, fast paced and demanding business owners. Enterprise has been upgraded to handle every variable of shop management, from the tangible customers and products that come through your door to the intangible, multifarious factors that modern business demands, such as fast and powerful job estimating, multi-vendor connectivity, realtime sales and marketing data, security, company organization and management workflow solutions.



NAPA TRACS® Enterprise enables seamless purchasing from NAPA and other vendors in the AConneX network; the ability to add parts to estimates and send orders to vendors with a few clicks.

With the addition of many new features including PROJobs, users may combine parts and labor into a single, seamless search. PROTire allows users to quickly build and price tire packages and connect to tire suppliers to place orders.

Job estimating has never been faster. Quick Quote streamlines the quote by using suggested selling based on previously recommended vehicle services.

“The Quick Quote, sub estimates, and recommended services work great,” says Levon Arnold, owner of Long Arm Mechanics in Garden City, Idaho, “and I can quickly provide a quote or multiple quotes for my customers to be ready when they ask, ‘how much is that going to be?’ ”


Management and Organization

Its organization and management tools are as powerful as the companies it serves. The Manager’s Dashboard provides faster workflow and overview of all shop aspects, and includes detailed, customizable reports on uninvoiced work orders, voided work orders, overridden work orders, cancelled work orders, and all authorized log entries, maintaining the integrity and security of your products and staff.

An interactive scheduler with full Microsoft Outlook integration enables bird’s-eye views of today’s events and tomorrow’s opportunities, and is customizable by bay and technician. Associated estimates and appointments stay in sync while maintaining task independence from one another; in other words, move the appointment and the estimate moves with it.

Daniel Ronda, owner of Ronda AutoCare in Lowell, Michigan, agrees: “The Manager’s Dashboard makes it easy to pick out invoices that were not profitable, find out why, correct those errors and train advisors on how to obtain more profit on future estimates.”



TRACS® Enterprise contains a comprehensive email tool and also integrations with all NAPA CRM providers. It has the ability to create powerful templates and to assign them to custom email communications and campaigns. PDF integration allows copies of documents such as customer estimates and work orders to be easily attached and distributed.


New TRACS® Enterprise reports provide detailed sales data for one or all shops and enterprise level  summaries for multi-locations. Other customizable options include accounts receivable, productivity, profitability, item and inventory, purchasing, daily sales detail, new work order, and new lists reports.



TRACS® enterprise software includes on-site training and installation and is available from anywhere—even outside the TRACS® application. Phone support is available six days per week.

Multi-shop functionality is perhaps the most powerful and groundbreaking aspect of NAPA TRACS® Enterprise. Available for single or multi-shop environments, the program is fully customizable and—more importantly—scalable, enabling multiple shops to share customer, vehicular, inventory and sales data from any or all of your locations to any team member or affiliate. Multiple data storage options range from the cloud to on-site servers to meet all your increasing data needs.



NAPA TRACS® Enterprise integrates with the following industry-leading sales building tools to keep your business hopping:

  • AccountingLink

  • Auto Vitals

  • Digital Visual Inspection (DVI)

  • EasyPay Quick Screen

  • LPM (Labor Profit Management)

  • Technical Repair Information

  • NAPA CRM Providers (MechanicNet, Demandforce, and Kukui)

  • SmartCall


“Multi-shop functionality is the whole reason we changed over,” says Tyler Ellenson, owner of Tyler’s Automotive in Tigard, Ore.

“Having to replicate was frustrating and time consuming. Now I can move to another store with a click of a button. It has made my life easier. Literally, at one terminal, I can see everything I need to see. It’s a game changer in the TRACS world!”

NAPA TRACS® Enterprise makes the world—your world—more available to you. And the next revolution in NAPA management software—NAPA TRACS® Enterprise—is as groundbreaking now as it was then.

Interested in taking a look at all the powerful new features in NAPA TRACS® Enterprise?  Call 800-659-3710 today and schedule a free, no-obligation demonstration.

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