N.Y. Adds Recalls to Inspection Process

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May 1, 2019—New York has implemented checks for open recalls during vehicle inspections to help improve public safety.

New York is the first state to give its network of over 10,000 inspection stations access to search thousands of vehicles at once for unfixed safety and emissions recalls through a free recall search tool developed jointly by Carfax, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers.

Carfax research shows that more than two million vehicles on New York roads—more than one out of every six—have open recalls. New York state inspectors are finding open recalls on approximately 180,000 vehicles out of the one million checked on average per month since gaining access to the tool. 

 Drivers of vehicles that have open recalls are notified at the time of inspection and recall details are included on the state inspection report.

The recall search tool, which leverages the existing Carfax recall infrastructure, allows commercial and government entities to check up to 10,000 vehicle identification numbers (VIN) at once.

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