REMAN VS. REBUILT: Quality Processes and Triple Testing Give Duralast the Edge

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WHETHER INSTALLING DURALAST OR DURALAST GOLD ALTERNATORS YOU CAN RELY ON OE POWER AND PERFORMANCE, every time. Duralast Alternators are remanufactured with 100% new professional-grade components, in state-of-the-art IATF16949-certified manufacturing facilities. That’s the difference between Duralast and some of the competitors out there; Duralast Alternators are remanufactured, not rebuilt. Each unit undergoes meticulous triple-testing on proprietary computerized test equipment during the manufacturing process. At every stage of the remanufacturing process, from the component, to sub-assembly to finished unit levels, every part is TRIPLE TESTED to ensure OE or better amperage output and quality every time.

WHAT IS TRIPLE TESTING? It’s the process by which Duralast assesses its parts for maximum performance. First, an initial sample approval is used to validate that all components conform to the OEM standards for performance, durability, and functionality. Next, all critical sub-assemblies are 100% tested on specialized test equipment prior to final assembly. Finally, completed units are 100% individually end-of-line tested on proprietary, load-based testers across a full range of operating requirements.


Duralast: New Components Deliver OE or Better Power

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Duralast Gold


DURALAST GOLD DELIVERS ALL NEW UNITS, MANUFACTURED FROM THE GROUND UP. For shops that want the best, Duralast Gold Starters & Alternators are 100% new units and feature state-of-the-art parts and components to keep your customers’ cars running. Made by Tier-1 manufacturers, no matter the make, model or conditions, Duralast Gold products are designed to deliver power that meets or exceeds original equipment and built to last.


Give your customers the dependable quality they deserve. To keep the engine running, trust Duralast and Duralast Gold Starters & Alternators for OE or better power. Triple tested from component to final assembly, when it’s Duralast, you know you’re getting OE quality, every part, every time.

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