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The data from the 2018 Ratchet+Wrench Industry Survey represents a cross-section of shops across the country and provides a glimpse into how the average shop performs, how its leadership manages the shop, and the tech and tools the shop uses.

Though over 90 percent of survey respondents report providing tools, equipment and technology for their technicians, almost one quarter (24 percent) of shops have no specific annual budget to keep up with the growing technological demands of the repair market. Exactly one third (33 percent) of shops report allotting just 1–5 percent of their annual budget to technology.

Over 95 percent of shops subscribe to an information repair service, and almost the same amount (85 percent) report having access to reliable OEM information. Ninety percent of shops use telematics services, indicating a positive response to and preparation for the ongoing technological tide sweeping today’s vehicles.

One-third of all shops report having over five scan tools (33 percent), while the remaining two-thirds (66 percent) keep 1–4 on hand. Less than 1 percent report zero scan tools. Most importantly, almost 100 percent of shops with scan tools charge for diagnostic work (over 94 percent), indicating that not only are consumers aware of the growing technological demands of repair, but they’re willing to pay for them, as well.

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OEC Repairlink Data Bay: Tech & Tools

OEC Data Bay: Tech & Tools

OEC Data Bay: Tech & Tools

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