Fixing Cars Through Tesla Mobile Service

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June 13, 2019—A reporter from CNET rode along in a Tesla Mobile Service vehicle for the day to see how the service works.

Tesla aims to soften the maintenance blow by bringing the service center to the customer with its Tesla Mobile Service program. The automaker has transformed a small fleet of vehicles into rolling workshops driven by certified technicians, who drive out to Teslas wherever they happen to be to perform fixes ranging from simple and routine maintenance to complex airbag recalls.

His office for the day was one of Tesla's newest service vehicles, a Model S that's had its rear seats replaced with a tool shelving system -- accessible via the power hatchback -- and safety cage. These are older, pre-facelift vehicles that have been given a second life helping keep their younger siblings on the road and operating safely.

On the ride-along, he witnessed fixes ranging from a Model 3 getting a simple tire rotation at a private residence to an airbag and power steering recall service on a Tesla Model S in the parking lot of a motel.

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