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The technology behind today’s vehicles is changing faster than ever. The growing electrical functions integrated into modern vehicles has placed new demands on batteries. For example, who would have thought that a battery might need to start your vehicle multiple times during a daily commute with the growing use of start-stop systems? Once reserved for hybrids and other highly specialized, fuel-efficient cars, the use of start-stop systems is only growing, trickling down into the normal consumer market—GM has committed to installing start-stop systems on all of its vehicles by 2020, and over 25 of its models currently employ a start-stop system.

The EPA already awards credits to all manufacturers meeting corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards on vehicles equipped with start-stop systems, and according to the 2020 Automotive Industry Outlook report by IHS Markit, over 65 percent of all North American vehicles will employ start-stop systems in the next decade.

It is more evident than ever that today’s batteries need to do more than just deliver power—they need to deliver dependability to be the right power solution.

NAPA-flooded and AGM flat-plate batteries are made with a process that optimizes the balance of life, power and durability to create a power source that maximizes a vehicle’s performance. They are also built with the necessary premium quality to meet the evolving, power-hungry demands of future technology. To achieve this requires the most precision-focused manufacturing that thoroughly tests every critical function of the battery.

The process behind the power of NAPA Batteries is in how it incorporates exclusive design systems (Extended Life Systems, Optimized Power Plates, and Enhanced Durability Designs) to ensure that every battery delivers at maximum performance.

The effectiveness of these systems is supported with the finest life-extending and power-producing material in the industry. These materials, such as the purest electrolyte and specially formulated oxide, are the foundation by which precision craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing equipment can build batteries of the highest caliber of quality and performance.

As each product is assembled, it is tested and then tested again to make sure it meets the right blend of performance standards to align with specific application needs. This exclusive approach delivers the level of manufacturing technology necessary to ensure that NAPA Batteries best meet the needs of today and the growing needs of tomorrow.

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Enhanced materials protect internal components to extend service life







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An efficient network of current-carrying conductors and power storage material optimizes the battery’s power system.






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Durability is systematically ingrained with precision-crafted manufacturing and heavy-duty internal components.





Click here for more information about how NAPA batteries can extend the life of your vehicle.

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