Electrify America Petitions for EV Emoji Design

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July 15, 2019—As modern-day communication evolves, emojis continue to grow in popularity, with 230 new characters being added to major platforms in 2019.

Electric vehicle charging company submits formal proposal to the Unicode Consortium to introduce an emoji representing the future of transportation.

Electrify America has submitted a formal proposal to introduce the first-ever "Electric Vehicle With Charger" emoji for smartphone keyboards.

World Emoji Day is on July 17.

An increasing number of consumers are purchasing EVs across North America and around the world. In the U.S., plug-in electric car sales rose more than 8 percent since April 2018. With global annual EV sales predicted to rise to 10 million in 20253, electric vehicle ownership is destined to become the norm in the coming years. Furthermore, consumer consideration for EVs is growing – a recent AAA report found more than 40 million Americans said they would consider an EV for their next car.

"As EVs become more popular and charging station networks continue to expand, we felt it was time for an emoji that reflects the changing industry and future of transportation," said Rich Steinberg, director marketing, communications and Green City initiatives at Electrify America. "We hope an emoji, a symbol used in everyday digital communication, will help more people get used to the idea of driving an EV and become excited about the possibility of owning one someday."

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