Dove Technologies Invests in Self-Cooling Brake Pad

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July 30, 2019—Dove Technologies, Inc. has invested in a patented brake technology from a third-generation auto repair shop owner in Edwardsville, Ill., reports The Telegraph.

Edward Horton developed the new brake technology called Horton’s Cool-Wave Brakes, with Dove Technologies taking the patented product and has increased the cooling potential of the brakes by grooving the backing plates with triangular-shaped lines, cut horizontally along the length of the backing plate running from top to bottom. The triangles increase the surface area and create the heat-sink for the backing plate.

This new design moves heat away from the brake and rotor area due to the Law of Thermodynamics where hot moves to cold, seeking equilibrium. As a result, the brake temperature decreases.

The company is now seeking investors to bring the new technology to market.

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