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2019 All-Star Admin: Megan Dineff

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Megan Dineff always knew she wanted to devote her time and energy to the people in her life. What she didn’t know was how many different forms that would eventually take. She is a mother, a daughter, an activist and this year’s Ratchet+Wrench All-Star Awards winner in the administrative support category. 

“Megan’s compassion, honesty, and integrity shine through in her daily interactions with customers, technicians, vendors, tow truck drivers and pretty much everyone else she meets,” says Jamie Carlson, her nominator, mother, and co-owner of Ervine’s Auto Repair & Grand Rapids Hybrid. 

    When her parents first bought Ervine’s Auto in 1994, Dineff never saw herself working alongside them. 

“My goal in life was to be the best stay-at-home mom possible,” she says. 

Now, she claims she is “right in the sweet spot,” balancing her love of motherhood with her need to help others. 

Dineff is putting Ervine’s on the map through outreach programs, social media, and exceptional customer service. 

    “Megan’s heart for helping others aligns with the bigger mission and heart of Ervine’s Auto Repair and Grand Rapids Hybrid as a company,” Carolson says. 

This is evident in Dineff’s dedication to helping her community through programs such as Grand Rapids HQ, a center for homeless youth; and Arts in Motion, an organization committed to enriching the lives of those with disabilities through expressive art. Most recently, Dineff and the Ervine’s team have allocated time and resources to Hope Pkgs of Grand Rapids, an organization that works to help children entering foster care have basic essentials that they often go without. 

    When it comes to social media, Dineff bridges her passion for helping others with her tech know-how. One of their most recent Facebook videos, which showcased technicians and Girl Scout cookies, has almost 5,000 views while their page has roughly 720 likes. 

Dineff says keeping customers updated and educated is her top priority, and that’s why Ervine’s replies to each and every Google customer review it receives. Dineff says that’s how they reel in new customers, by showing their dedication to previous ones. Facebook is the most important, she says. Whether it’s making videos to spread awareness about local programs or prompting community engagement, getting people involved in more than their vehicles is vital to Ervine’s philosophy, Dineff says. 

Recently, she was awarded the Next Step Program’s scholarship from the Auto Care Association. The scholarship allowed her to attend many networking events where she was able to learn about the role she can take in making an even bigger impact on the automotive repair industry. 

“Megan’s natural abilities and hard work combine to elevate not only our company, but our entire industry,” says Carlson.

    It wasn’t until 2011 that Dineff started seriously working at Ervine’s.

“My mom knows that I thrive being with other people, so she watched my son and I was able to get more involved,” she says. 

Dineff has a very close relationship with her parents. In fact, she and her mother cannot work on the same day, “because we don’t get anything done,” she says. But that tight-knit family dynamic is what keeps customers coming back to Ervine’s. Dineff says when customers enter their store, they know her kids by name. She has created an environment in which a stressful situation can feel like an inviting one. 

“Megan’s dedication, loyalty and natural effervescence make her an invaluable addition not only to Ervine’s Auto, but to the automotive service industry as a whole,” Carlson says. 

    What Dineff takes the most pride in is helping people, especially when times are not easy. 

“No one is happy to call us,” she says, “but I can offer a friendly voice and promise they are getting the best service.” 

    When it comes to planning for the future, Dineff says she would like to stay at Ervine’s as long as her family owns it. It has never been her dream to own Ervine’s, but rather to be a mother and a caring voice in her community—all of which she accomplishes with each day.

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