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August 13, 2019—Hofmann announces new geoliner to their wheel alignment system lineup.

“Advanced technology, combined with intuitive software, gives any alignment technician the tools they need for easy and fast alignment,” said Adam Brown, director of product management for Hofmann. “The Hofmann geoliner 678 has all that and more. It is easy to use and provides complete and accurate alignment readings quickly and efficiently.”

The geoliner 678 allows shops to conduct more alignments per day. Features of the geoliner 678 include:

  • Automatic tracking, which follows the vehicle when it raised and lowered, reducing time spent at the console.
  • Video-speed camera feature that allows for fast compensation, lessening wait time.
  • Live readings so there is no need to re-measure.

The new Hofmann geoliner 678 also includes EZ-TOE for electric power steering, which allows adjustment of the critical front individual toe without locking the steering column, resulting in a level steering wheel every alignment. Other innovative software features include rolling radius that examines for mismatched tire sizes, cross diagonal that checks for vehicle structural damage and adjustment assistance that shows where adjustments need to be made on the vehicle.

When connected to the internet, the geoliner 678 can access vehicle specifications and OEM repair procedures for ADAS repairs, as well as provide fast and easy software and vehicle specification updates. The new online report management capability allows shop aligner reports to be printed, emailed or texted from anywhere.

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