Interstate Batteries Recycles Over 1 Billion Pounds of Batteries

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September 9, 2019—For the second time in three years, Interstate Batteries has recycled more than a billion pounds of scrap lead-acid batteries. 

Since 2016, Interstate has recycled 3.08 billion pounds of lead, keeping more than 77 million car batteries out of landfills.

Using this system, Interstate Distributors are able to pick up spent batteries from dealers, giving customers, dealers and the public peace of mind that every battery is safely recycled rather than sitting in a garage or landfill for years to come.

“Effectively, the battery manufacturing, distribution, and recycling industry is a circular economy,” said Tod Lyons, Interstate Batteries’ sustainability program manager, “It’s a closed-loop using the same material, the same element on the periodic table, over and over for more than 70 years. We are proud to have reached this billion-pound milestone not once, but twice and will continue to do our part to make our industry and the planet greener.”

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