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Oct. 20, 2019—As a part of Lyft’s ongoing cost savings commitment to its drivers, the rideshare company recently partnered with Openbay to make available a unified platform that provides Lyft drivers with convenient access to reliable and cost efficient automotive services to keep maintenance and repair costs down. 

Rob Infantino, the CEO of Openbay, explains the program and benefits to a shop owner with Ratchet+Wrench

How it Works 

Lyft drivers sign in to an exclusive Openbay - Lyft platform where special pricing is offered from a select network of reliable automotive service businesses that have opted-in to this special program. Lyft drivers can select from a pre-priced menu of services or select from the thousands of services available to either maintain or repair their vehicle. Drivers that book and complete a service on Openbay also receive special discounts and Openbay rewards to use toward future services. 

It’s a turnkey platform for drivers, explains Infantino. Once shops apply and are approved, they are walked through an onboarding process where accounts are setup for automated pricing —margins on parts, labor rates, parts providers, and more —are plugged into an algorithm that automatically provides detailed service quotes for Lyft drivers. 

There are 9 services that have fixed pricing, including regularly performed services such as wiper blade replacements and oil changes. These jobs have a set price and then the labor rate is typically what you find for the shop’s fleet labor rate. 

Attract a Unique and Valuable Customer

Lyft is considered a private fleet, Infantino explains. Lyft drivers require more frequent maintenance than a normal customer on the road, which makes their business very important. 

“Lyft drivers have more frequent service needs than your typical consumer vehicle owner therefore will make more visits to a shop annually,” Infantino says. “Additionally, once the vehicle is on the lift, the technician is able to inspect the vehicle to see if there are any safety issues or is in need of additional services a Lyft driver may want performed.”

“The Lyft and Openbay partnership is a great opportunity to service a vehicle that’s in frequent need of service,” Infantino says of taking advantage of the partnership. 

Get Involved and Grow Your Business

Infantino suggests shop owners get involved now, as plans for expansion will be announced in the coming months. 

To sign up, shop owners should visit There are requirements to join the program, including shop ratings and certifications. 

“We need as many quality shops on the platform in key markets as we can,” Infantino says. 



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