Screws in Tires Cause Problems in Washington

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October 24, 2019—Auto repair shops in Port Angeles and Sequim, Wash., have been keeping busy repairing and replacing tire punctures. About 300 drivers brought in their vehicles last week with screws in their tires, reports the Sequim Gazette.

Workers at Les Schwab in Port Angeles have been putting in extra hours to help with the influx of about 250 customers the tire center had seen since 10:30 a.m. on Oct. 21, assistant manager Bob Evans said.

Evans told the paper that the majority of the tires seen at the shop have been repairable. Most tires have had only a few screws, although one tire had 22.

Some speculate the screws may have fallen out of a truck or that it may have been intentional.

So far there is no information indicating it was intentional, said State Trooper Chelsea Hodgson. She also told the Gazette that anyone who sees an active hazard in the roadway should call 911.

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