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5 Star Auto Spa

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Photo by Rebekah Gonzales

SHOP: 5 Star Auto Spa  LOCATION: Winchester, Va.  OWNER: Hyun Kim

SIZE: 10,000 square feet  STAFF: 6  MONTHLY CAR COUNT: 100 ANNUAL REVENUE: $500,000

1) While 5 Star Auto Spa is a full-service auto repair shop, the business also includes a car wash and a frozen yogurt shop. “It’s almost like three separate businesses operating together,” says general manager Hong Kim. To avoid confusion and traffic flow issues outside, each aspect of the business has its own designated parking lot. The auto shop has 20 parking spots located right outside the main entrance, while the car wash has parking horizontally alongside the building, and the frozen yogurt shop has a third, smaller parking lot around the back.

2) The auto service shop also has a separate entrance, which is not immediately visible upon entering the property. To help guide customers, channel lettering on the building, as well as painted arrows and directions on the ground, direct customers to the shop entrance.

3) The shop is located next to a shopping center, surrounded by a Walmart, Lowe’s, The Home Depot and Target. Kim says the residents of the area are more likely to shop at chains than independent shops, so creating a professional-looking facility was important. An architect designed the building and used sandstone accents and green metal roofing for a modern look. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the two materials are eco-friendly and energy efficient, which allows the business to save on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

4) Since the facility sits on three acres of land, curb appeal is a huge consideration. The shop has a designated employee to maintain the landscaping—including mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes and picking up any stray litter—on a weekly basis.

5) The facility is located on the corner of a street and was designed to sit at an angle along the road. This meant there was ample opportunity for signage. LED signs along one side of the building are illuminated day and night, and a recently constructed 5-feet-by-7-feet sign was installed on the corner of the lot, ensuring drivers coming from all angles will see a form of signage.

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