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OE-Quality Batteries Backed by Extreme Testing

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As colder temperatures blanket the nation this winter, one brand is there to ensure your clients’ cars start every time: Duralast. Stock your shop with Duralast ProPower batteries for a reliable and profitable solution for every car.

Duralast is known for its dependable OE quality in over 20 parts categories. Chosen most by technicians*, Duralast ProPower’s robust battery program is designed specifically for professionals—from coverage, roadside assistance programs and OE-or-better performance, Duralast ProPower is engineered and tested to take care of your shop and your customers when they need help the most, covering virtually all vehicle and power needs.


Tested Tough

It all starts with stringent quality control procedures and rigorous testing of each and every product. Duralast ProPower batteries are engineered and/or made by Tier 1, OE or other category-leading manufacturers and required to meet stringent quality standards for form, fit and function. Tested in extreme high- and low-temperature conditions, all Duralast ProPower batteries, for example, must deliver OE or better cold cranking amps and meet high reserve capacity thresholds.

One primary factor of Duralast ProPower batteries is the custom fully-framed stamped power grids, which ensure maximum reserve capacity and cold-cranking power. Duralast ProPower batteries are:

Robust and Resistant to Temperature Extremes

  • Cold box testing starts at 77 ℉ before dropping to -40 ℉
  • Water bath, oven, and environmental chamber testing runs 77–176 ℉
  • Discharge and recharge tested from 0-75 volts and 0-55 amps
  • Tested for 5-hour to 20-hour capacity, reserve capacity, and cold-cranking performance

Resistant to Maximum Vibration

  • Accelerometer and digital stroboscope frequency monitored to meet standard
  • Vibration tests begin at 3.5g and accelerates to 5g
  • Resistance to vibration measured and confirmed

Built to Last

  • Failure, lead metal, and electrolyte analyses along with lead weight determination to ensure quality composition across the line


Duralast ProPower batteries resist shorts, improve charge and are Proven Tough, designed to meet or exceed your vehicles’ needs. 


A Reliable Shop Solution

Duralast is there to cover your shop no matter the cause of the breakdown. Even if a customer’s vehicle breaks down for non-battery related issues, the full repair is protected under Duralast's 5-point Roadside Assistance program and up to a three-year replacement guarantee under a Nationwide Warranty.

From the Sunday driver to fleet and extreme vehicle needs, the Duralast ProPower lineup has a battery for every customer's demands.

*Source: Proprietary Co-study of Automotive Aftermarket Parts Conducted by The NPD Group, 2019.

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