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Nov. 4, 2019—To better assist shop owners with their production management, marketing tactics and leadership styles, Ratchet+Wrench has compiled a short list of essential business-building material from some of its favorite sources.

Forget Talent: Here Are the 2 Traits All Successful People Share – Inc

What makes a person successful? Is it financial freedom? Is it the ability to have a good work-life balance? It is something else entirely?

Why Likeable Leaders Seem More Effective – Harvard Business Review

A recent trend in leadership research is to define a new style of leadership (e.g., authentic, ethical) and then demonstrate how following its principles can improve performance. As such, there has been an unending proliferation of leadership styles that have been espoused by researchers and practitioners alike.

How to Build and Trust a Foundation You Can't See – Success

Few careers, goals or long-term projects come with step-by-step instructions. You’re not always going to see your foundation, but you can’t build anything without one. 

How to Combat the Six Biggest Gripes About Change – Fast Company

The mere idea of change can bring a strong emotional response because humans are hardwired to resist. Our brains register change as a threat and release chemicals that stir up fear. 


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This Week in Business Strategies

This Week in Business Strategies

This Week in Business Strategies

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