CarServ's Latest Advancements at AAPEX, SEMA

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November 5, 2019—CarServ announced it will be participating in the 2019 AAPEX-SEMA Show in Las Vegas, taking place Nov. 5–Nov. 8. Through on-site demonstrations and meetings, CarServ will share the latest advancements to help automotive repair facilities optimize business operations, communicate and improve customer retention. 

CarServ's leadership team will be available to discuss the details of the technology as well as potential applications and partnership opportunities. AAPEX-SEMA attendees can experience first-hand the benefits of a tech-savvy, modern alternative to shop management software. CarServ's technology is designed to simplify shop operations and eliminate common automotive software pain points: duplicate systems, repetitive data entry and dated communication tools. 

"It's ironic that so much of the software developed for the automotive industry doesn't share the same qualities as automobiles themselves: technological advancement, seamless design and innovation are missing from many of the tools automotive repair facilities have had to rely on," said Mars Mundy, CarServ CEO. "It doesn't have to be that way. CarServ is the first machine-learning powered automation software for the automotive industry. We're excited to be at AAPEX-SEMA, with the greatest minds in this industry, to discuss how to modernize automotive repair." 

CarServ works with national repair chains and franchises as well as independent facilities. APPEX and SEMA attendees can request a demonstration appointment by emailing

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