Pa. Emissions Legislation Awaits Assembly Approval

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November 11, 2019—Five bills, aiming to modify the Pennsylvania Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Program, have passed in the Pennsylvania Senate and are now awaiting Assembly approval.

Over the summer, four Republican Pennsylvania state senators—Judith Ward, Elder Vogel, Patrick Stefano and Wayne Langerholc—introduced the five bills under Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.

In a memo to all members of the Pennsylvania Senate, the four senators argued: “Vehicle emissions testing has become less effective at reducing air pollution, particularly due to newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles entering the fleet.”

“This legislation directly impacts consumers and small businesses in Pennsylvania,” said Bob Redding, ASA’s Washington, D.C. representative.

Specific focus has been placed on Senate Bill 742, which will exempt vehicles newer than eight years from emissions testing. Some Senate lawmakers have advocated that these bills will modify an “unnecessary sanction” and provide regulatory relief for their constituents.

“Emission inspection programs aid in protecting clean air and public health, as well as informing vehicle owners if there is a problem with their vehicle,” Redding said. “Modifying any type of emissions program requires thorough assessment and stakeholder involvement. Pennsylvania’s independent automotive repairers are on the front lines of emissions testing. These bills do not acknowledge the importance of emissions inspections to the quality of life for the citizens of Pennsylvania.

“Without input from Pennsylvania stakeholders and shop owners, ensuring a thoughtful legislative process is not possible.”

ASA is urging all Pennsylvania repairers to go to and click “Alerts” to send a letter in opposition to these bills that negatively impact Pennsylvania’s emissions program. The whole process takes less than five minutes but that small action can make a great impact.

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