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The data from the 2019 and 2018 Ratchet+Wrench Industry Surveys represent a cross-section of shops around the country and provide a glimpse into how the average shop performs, how its leadership manages the shop, and the tech and tools the shop uses.

With the 2019 industry results in, many of the data points have stayed consistent with 2018. In spite of the large technological growth that has happened in the past year, just 15 percent of shop owners allot 11 percent or more of their business’ annual revenue to technology, tools and equipment. This percentage has only risen 1 percent since 2018.      

As for subscribing to a repair information service, 97 percent of shop owners say that they do⁠—a 2 percent rise since 2018. Although the percentages are similar, the data points to the amount of shops subscribing to a repair information service inching its way closer to a full 100 percent. 

The percentage of shop owners who say that their shop has access to OEM repair information has also grown by a small amount. In 2018, 85 percent of shop owners said they had access to OEM repair information; one year later, that number rose 1 point to 86 percent.  

Ensure your shop commits to accessing the right OEM data. gives you parts illustrations directly from the OEM, so you can buy the correct parts you need the first time, every time.


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