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The Best Gets Better: NAPA Pushes Adaptive One Brake Pad Technology Even Further

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As safety regulations and consumer demand for quality parts and components continues to increase, NAPA has answered the call in its new line of Adaptive One (ADO) technology brake pads, available exclusively from NAPA.


Passenger Cars

NAPA’s Adaptive OnNAPA 2e disc brakes for passenger vehicles have long held high standards of quality and versatility. On one side, premium coated shims provide longevity and protection, while 100 percent chamfered slots on the other side ensure maximum friction and even distribution of power when the pad hits the tire. NAPA is first to market with this advanced braking technology, launching the premier line of brake pads even higher.

Advanced noise reduction technology meets a host of other advanced formulations, including total ceramic formulations for cleaner wheels, inner and outer formulations for consistent pedal feel and smooth, safe stopping, and groundbreaking updates to components and materials for reduced brake pad wear.

Notably, NAPA has implemented gold CleanCoat technology for more effective stopping during the break-in process, yielding more seamless braking and even cleaner wheels. Advanced rubberized hardware included in over 95 percent of sold products is designed specifically for the ADO brake pads to ensure exceptional operation for the life of the pad. Furthermore, Adaptive One Passenger Car brake pads combines the optimum quiet and low-dust characteristics of one-pad formulation with the extra braking power of the other pad for consistent pedal feel, minimized dust accumulation and whisper-quiet performance every driver desires.


R90 Euro Pads

NAPA 3NAPA is committed to providing the best car care components around the world, and that’s why the line isn’t only limited to North American applications. Fully certified under ECE Regulation 90 (R90) for European motoring, advanced NAPA brake pad technology is available in Europe as well. 

ECE Regulation 90 demands that all replacement brake pads operate within 15 percent of the OE product and is required throughout the European Union. Additional required on-car application testing requires aftermarket brake pad parts and components meet certain thresholds on:

  • Bedding or burnishing 

  • Performance

  • High torque strength

  • Hardness and chemical composition

  • Dimension features

NAPA is confident that its R90 brake pads deliver proven performance, confident braking and (most importantly) satisfied customers. Like its North American counterparts, specialized hardware in the NAPA R90 brake pads is designed specifically for the Euro brake pads to ensure exceptional operation for the life of the pad. 

Adaptive One Performance

NAPA 4Understanding the braking needs of performance vehicles, NAPA has designed Adaptive One

Performance brake pads to provide a strong level of brake bite in aggressive braking situations,  which allows for shorter stopping distances for high-performance vehicles. In addition, Red CleanCoat technology results in more effective stopping during the break-in process and cleaner wheels.


NAPA Partners with DuPont™ for Maximum Stopping Power

NAPA 5Continuing a legacy of brake pad excellence, NAPA has partnered with Dupont to offer Kevlar  Aramid® pulp in its truck and SUV brake pads, enhancing performance through superb temperature reinforcement and viscosity control. 

Adaptive One truck and SUV disc brake pads are now equipped with the same CleanCoat technology as the rest of the line for more effective stopping power and cleaner wheels.

No matter what you drive, driver safer with NAPA  Adaptive One brake pads. For more information, please visit


*DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company used under license by Genuine Parts Company.

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