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The New Golden Rule of Leadership

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If given a leadership position, anyone can bark orders, make requests and demand results. But not everyone is capable of truly leading others. To lead others is to teach, to inspire and to set an example, says Phil Christensen, chief operations officer at BG Automotive in Fort Collins, Colo. There is not one uniform way to go about leading others—and there shouldn’t be. Much like leadership styles vary, so do learning styles. In order to get the most out of your employees, you need to understand how they best learn, in addition to how you best teach. 

The goal is to find a happy medium, find out how you can best lead your employees in the way that they best learn. The new Golden Rule of leadership is not heavy handedness or a sharp tongue, but rather, versatility and consideration for whom you are leading. Here’s how to go about finding your own leadership style and understanding how to best approach your staff based on their personality. 

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