ACA Warns OEMs Could Be Selling Personal Data

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Feb. 24, 2020—Bill Hanvey, CEO and President of the Auto Care Association, has spoken out about the issues with telematics and vehicle data, and how manufacturers could be accessing that personal information, reports WLOS 13.

Hanvey told the news station that data is being transmitted wirelessly to automakers, and while this data is primarily being used for safety purposes, manufacturers are also stock-piling that owner's personal information. This can include driving routes, even how much you weigh, and selling this information to other companies.

"For instances, in terms of the way that your weight statistic might be sold would be Weight Watchers, health care companies, Starbucks, Burger King. They can profile people," Hanvey said. "If you think about it as a consumer, the possibilities are limitless in terms of the types of companies that would be interested in that data.”

While the Auto Care Association helped pass the Right to Repair Act in Massachusetts back in 2012, the association wants to push federal change. Currently, there is a bill in the House of Representatives that would give consumers the right to access and dictate their car's data.

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