Market Research Illustrates EV Adoption Hurdles

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Feb. 24, 2020—According to a new report from IDTechEx, some of the biggest hurdles to consumers' widespread adoption of electric vehicles are range anxiety, battery longevity and safety.

The new report from covers several aspects of thermal management for electric vehicles, including batteries, motors and power electronics, and the strategies used by automakers. 

As the electric vehicle market grows slowly yet rather steadily, and for it to reach its full potential, there is an increased need for effective thermal management of the vehicles. The report says that keeping heat under control will lead to improved charging, performance, range, longevity and safety. 

There have been several high-profile, battery-related fires from well-known automotive manufacturers and in stationary energy storage from South Korea; this does little to instill confidence in potential consumers. 

IDTechEx says it has observed a market shift towards liquid or refrigerant cooling and foresee this trend continuing into the future, especially following the rise of charging with 350 kW sources, with the amount of liquid or refrigerant cooled batteries exceeding 500 GWh by 2030. To find out more about Electric Vehicle research available from IDTechEx, visit

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