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Eight Years ago, I decided to get my Master’s Degree. I was just about to turn 30 years old, my family’s shop was doing well and I found myself very comfortable. Looking back now, I was too comfortable. 

After I made the commitment, first to myself, to go back to school, I not only wanted to challenge myself to continue my education, but also wanted to challenge myself to graduate from one of the nation’s top business schools. After a demanding three years of work/school/life balance, I graduated with a Master’s Degree from Northeastern University—which at the time was rated as the No. 1 MBA program for Entrepreneurship in the U.S. 

I want to share this story with you not for self-praise, but to encourage you to never stop learning or seeking opportunities for self-improvement. It is also important that you create a company environment that cultivates learning and self-improvement for everyone in the organization. I remember telling others about my decision to get an MBA and them questioning my rationality. They asked me why I would want to put myself through such a sacrifice—both personal and financial—since I did not need a Master’s Degree to “just” continue running my family’s small business. Yes, they had a point. I did not need an MBA to continue running the shop, but the No. 1 gain that I received from my MBA studies was not about learning business administration theories, but the opportunity to broaden my perspective and challenge my mind to reach a whole new level. 

Tying this back to our roles as leaders of our auto repair shops, this not only applies to us, but to everybody. Talented people naturally want to grow and become better. If we want to attract and retain the top talent in our organizations, we must create engaging environments that not only encourage ongoing training but make it a big deal. Make training a part of your company culture. Your employees are your company’s most valuable and malleable asset. The better you can be at helping them become better, the better your company will fare in the long run. The best, most successful organizations offer programs that develop their team members, helping them identify career goals and chart their long-term career path with the company. 

Here are a few other benefits of employee training and development:

Boost Employee Retention - cultivate, retain, and attract top talent. When employees feel that your company is investing in their careers, they are more likely to stay. 

Develop Leadership Pipeline - helps grow employees from within and develop strong future leaders who are invested in the company. 

Increase Productivity 

Raise Morale 

Lower Turnover Rate 

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention 

Albert Einstein said it best, “The day you stop learning, is the day you start dying.” 


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