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March 18, 2020—The role of the automotive repair technician is constantly evolving to keep up with the changes in vehicle technology, vehicle repairs and consumer demands. In fact, some sources say technicians entering the industry will need new skill-sets like software engineering and soft skills. Others predict the role of the technician to become that of a researcher.

Here's a look at this week's ADAPT stories che(a sister publication of Ratchet+Wrench) on the role of the technician.


How Do You Define the Technician Definition 

Tim Cook, owner of "A" Auto Body in Midlothian, Va., is no under no false impression that the technician's role today is the same as it was 10 years ago.

Blockchain Tech Could Change the Way Shops See Vehicles

A worldwide working group that focuses on blockchain technology in the transportation sector released its first standard—and it will affect how repair shops interact with vehicles.

Worry Less About Going Paper-Less

The business world is still awash in paper. The transition to a digital trail shouldn't be tough, according to one developer.


Jaguar Land Rover Recruits Software Engineers for Cyber Security Roles 

A Jaguar Land Rover office in Ireland is recruiting a new set of skills in employees to make cars connected to the outside world.

New Car-to-Car Communications Proposal Described as Unsafe

Ford warns that a recent FCC proposal to use a segment of radio spectrum for WiFi use could make car-to-car communications unsafe and hinder self-driving car advancements.

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This Week's Top Advanced Vehicle Design News

This Week's Top Advanced Vehicle Design News

This Week's Top Advanced Vehicle Design News

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