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Find Your Ideal Customer

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Meet Holly. 

Holly is 38 years old. She’s married to a dentist and together they have two kids (3 and 5 years old). Holly is a stay-at-home mom. Their household income is $120,000. 

Here’s the thing: Holly isn’t real. 

Well, in a sense, she is. Holly Symmes is Alan Symmes’ wife and the inspiration for the name of his ideal customer avatar. 

Symmes, the owner of Revolution Auto in Norwood, Mass., a German service speciality shop with an annual revenue of $1.25 million, average car count of 100 per month and ARO of $1100, named his avatar after his wife, since she pretty much met the description of his avatar. 

What is a customer avatar? It’s a mockup of your ideal target customer. Name the person or not, it’s important to have one. Why? 

“It allows you to operate your business in the way you need to in order to be profitable,” Symmes says. 

Symmes isn’t the only one who feels this way. 

Troy Kaplan, owner of TGK Automotive Specialists (12 locations in Minnesota), who projects $24 million for 2020 between all of his locations with 5,238 average ROs per month at an average of $350, didn’t always have a target customer, but, now he knows that quality is better than quantity. 

"We’ve done many things marketwise that bring in the coupon-shopper. They’re just coming in for a $19.99 oil change—they’re not looking for a commitment. You need to market to the right people,” Kaplan says.   

Kaplan and Symmes each have a target customer and are here to help take you on your journey to finding yours. They, along with Anne Lazo, CEO of Motorhead Advantage and Jennifer Filzen, owner of Rockstar Marketing, share a map for finding your very own “Holly.” Although she—or he—may not look the same as, follow these steps to find who to target.  


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