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No matter what type of repair  you are working on, the expectation of the customer is the same—they want the vehicle repaired and restored to its original performance and state. And usually, they want it done as fast and as inexpensively as possible. That means thorough, complete and expedited repair processes, with original-equipment sourced parts that are instantly available. If every repair included a blank check, this expectation would be no problem, but anyone in the auto repair industry knows it takes a lot of time, skill, and money to meet those OE expectations.

There is, however, a more achievable, efficient and profitable solution to OE-quality repairs. Together, Duralast parts and ALLDATA OEM repair software offer two shop-forward solutions for maximum ROI that deliver every customer's dream of original equipment performance.  


OE or Better Quality Parts

Duralast, known for providing OE or better quality, is the brand more technicians choose for parts in the automotive aftermarket*. The Duralast line covers over 20 part categories including  brakes, chassis and vehicle electronics (ignition and engine management) to cooling, shocks and struts, tools and more. WIth an average 98 percent coverage of vehicles on the road today, these OE parts are readily available through one of the country’s largest supply chains and therefore reasonably priced, too, so shops can satisfy expectations on time, cost and quality while also keeping their profit margins up. 

The Duralast name has to be earned. The brand standards of premium quality and reliability infuse every aspect of the engineering, design, manufacturing and testing processes. In some cases, where there are known OE design flaws, Duralast parts have actually innovated to improve over the OE, so every Duralast part is designed to be OE or better quality.

Your shop's reputation relies on consistency. Standards of quality and performance are ensured through category-specific rigorous real-life testing. Testing includes punishing life-cycle tests and various torture tests like corrosion and temperature extremes, ensuring OE or better quality, every part, every time. 

Duralast built their brand to protect yours. From high quality standards enforced by testing to innovative design, Duralast parts will help you restore OE performance. You can confidently decrease installation time while increasing efficiency, customer satisfaction and profits. It’s no wonder that More Technicians Choose Duralast Parts*.


The Most Reliable Data Available

ALLDATA is the industry’s No. 1 solution of unedited OEM repair information—period.

ALLDATA provides reliable, up-to-date automotive OEM diagnostic and repair information such as factory-direct diagrams, repair procedures, TSBs, DTCs, industry standard labor times, and much more, available in a single source. In fact, ALLDATA Repair® is a top-tier technology solution that includes original licensed OEM repair information as well as reliable information from trusted partners. 

ALLDATA includes multiple repair solutions such as ALLDATA Collision®, ALLDATA Diagnostics®, ALLDATA Manage Online®, ALLDATA Mobile®, and ALLDATA Tech-Assist®, all geared toward providing top-level OEM information and tools to repair every vehicle back to like-new status, resulting in fewer comebacks, more efficient repairs, swift bay turnover and greater profitability every day in your shop. 

To help mitigate the increasing technological complexity of contemporary vehicles, ALLDATA Repair features over 300,000 non-OE full-color wiring diagrams to help navigate the miles of wires snaking through today’s vehicles. Furthermore, ALLDATA Tech-Assist can provide initial diagnostic troubleshooting before the repair even starts, detailed step-by-step repair assistance, and can even utilize live video streaming to see, discuss and advise on the repair. 

Whether turning a wrench under the hood or diagnosing trouble codes from within the passenger compartment, AutoZone supports every estimator, technician, service advisor and owner by providing leading brands for every repair. To minimize comebacks and ensure maximum return for your shop, trust Duralast—the brand technicians choose more—and ALLDATA, the industry’s No. 1 software for OEM repair information.

*According to the Proprietary Consumer Study of Automotive Aftermarket Parts Conducted by The NBD Group, 2019

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